SWB Grid v5.01

SWB Grid v5.01

What’s it?

SWB Grid v5.01 is an expert advisor developed by me on order to upgrade previous version of SWB Grid that’s version 4.1.
The version number of this release was started from 5.0 and currently is 5.01. This doesn’t has a mean but for administration purposes so I wouldn’t confuse during next upgrade.
As anyone on the internet that loves SWB Grid know, this EA is a free to use by anyone without the need of obligation.

What’s new?

On this release I included following new features for you so you could explore its capabilities:

  • Trading Time Settings: I allow you to set your preferred trading time including start hour for session 1, stop hour for session 1, start hour for session 2, stop hour for session 2, and the day for stop trading
  • More indicator selections: there are several technical indicators I’ve added to the SWB Grid’s algorithm. The best thing from this is you’re allowed to activated one technical indicator and non-activated the others as your own calculation or strategy
  • New advance user inputs: with this new input parameter you’re allowed to use the technical indicator inline with the trend movement (follow-trend) or looking for the rebound opportunities (counter-trend) on per technical indicator basis

How to download a copy of?

Visit a page with URL of https://www.forexzine.com/forums/topic/swb-grid-v5-01/ will allow you to download a copy of SWB Grid for free.

How to crediting the author?

Although it isn’t a requirement before downloading SWB Grid on above mentioned URL, some people requires their self to give the SWB Grid authors/updater/creator credits. For this purpose you allowed to share the page where you’re downloading the copy of SWB Grid v5.01 on your social media account via sharing button exist on the bottom of the page.